Multi-Step SEO Strategy

Multi-Step SEO Strategy

Developing the right approach to search engine optimization is not an event; it’s best viewed as a process. There are a number of steps that go into that process and help to create an effective strategy that provides many benefits. Here are some of the more important aspects that need to be part of your SEO strategy and why making sure they are done in a certain order matters.

SEO Audits Provide a Starting Point

Before anything is done, it’s necessary to evaluate what’s already in place. Even if all you have right now is a basic website created using free tools and a couple of social media accounts, an expert will want to go over them carefully. The goal is to ensure that you have a sound foundation for your SEO efforts. It may be that what you have in place right now is basically fine but would benefit from a few changes. There’s also the possibility that what you have is harming rather than helping attract more visitors to your pages. It’s only after the audit is complete that plans for making things better can be formulated.

Evaluating the Use of Keywords in the Content

Keywords and keyword phrases are one of the more important ways that users find your content. They are found in the text on the pages, the descriptions of images and videos, and even the meta-descriptions that search engines display in results. Using them properly will make a lot of difference when it comes to page ranking by the major search engines. An expert will determine if the keywords found in your content are currently the most relevant and the most popular. If not, some changes are in order. This may mean rewriting some of the content or possibly scrapping it altogether and coming up with new content. Even the amount of times you use a particular keyword will come under scrutiny. When the task is done, you’ll be in a better position to earn more favour from the major search engines.

Page Display Matters

Have you considered how your pages look on different screen sizes? You can bet that the SEO expert will take this into account. Something that looks great and is easy to navigate on a larger screen may not be so functional for someone who’s using a smartphone to conduct an Internet search. That means some changes are in order. An expert may focus on creating an app or at least a mobile version of your pages. Those can be used on devices with smaller screens. Given how many people use smartphones to conduct searches and read content, this is a move that’s to your advantage.

The Judicious Use of Links

Link placement is important to enhancing the experience of a site visitor. It’s also a good way to get those readers to view additional content on your pages. The key is to use the links responsibly so they don’t become a distraction or create ill feelings with those readers. To that end, refrain from using too many links on one page. That’s true whether you’re posting on social media, preparing a blog post, or creating a new page for your website. At the same time, make sure those links are directly related to both the content you’re creating and the page where the reader will end up after clicking. If the link takes the reader somewhere that has little to no connection, the damage to your reputation can be significant.

Setting a Schedule for Updates

An SEO expert will stress the importance of introducing new content on a regular basis. It may be in the form of guest posts on different blogs, posts on your own blogs, or on your social media accounts. The point is to make those updates on a recurring basis, such as twice or three times a week. Visitors get used to knowing there’s likely to be something new to read, so they look forward to it. If you post sporadically, they can lose interest and look elsewhere. A professional can set up a schedule and ensure your posts occur on a regular basis and those readers remain happy. There are more steps to the SEO process, but these provide an idea of what’s involved. The specifics of these and other steps will vary based on what you want to accomplish with your online presence. Work closely with an expert and the odds of achieving your goals are much greater.