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It is believed that the most popular shoes in the rain are wellingtons made of rubber or PVC. They not only keep their feet dry and warm, but also protect your jeans or pants from getting wet and dirty. Nowadays you can wear wellington boots not only in summer, but also in cold winter and late fall. For the fall and winter seasons it is necessary to choose insulated models with fur inside. Although many people choose high-quality Clarks shoes Vancouver stores offer during winter season, wellingtons are getting more and more popular. Today, these rubber boots are must have in the wardrobe of every fashionista. The designers came up with various feminine and beautiful models of various colors and shades, with different patterns and decor elements. Today, no one will be surprised by boots with lacing, locks, with rhinestones and hilarious patterns. High-heeled rubber boots look especially elegant.

If your office dress code does not allow wearing rubber boots even in the most classical version, you can pay attention to the elegant ballet shoes made of rubber. They will fit well on your feet and will not let the water inside.

Oxford shoes or ankle boots are actual footwear for the autumn season too. These types of footwear will emphasize the good taste of its owner and keep one’s feet dry in rainy weather. Clarks Oxford shoes will perfectly match any business suit, and ankle boots made of rubber will emphasize the femininity of any dress.

Another essential type of footwear for rainy weather is shoes on a small platform and heel. They can be decorated with a massive lacing, and the patterned sole is a feature of the model. These shoes will look good in combination with tight trousers and short top. However, they are not suitable for office and business meetings.

Crocs are a summer version of rain shoes. They will surprise you with their incredible comfort and original appearance. In this shoes, the legs will not get tired and your feet won’t sweat due to the holes at the top of the shoes and the strap that supports the foot from behind. Crocs are made of high-tech material. It does not rub feet, does not get wet, and takes the form of a foot over time. This footwear will be indispensable in the summer season.

Men's shoes for rainy weather

Of course, the most popular model of men's shoes for rainy weather are boots. They can be made in both classical and bright style. Boots made of PVC or rubber will be indispensable during walks under the rain. For men, designers offer models on a massive sole without decorative ornaments.

If you do not want to wear boots, you can opt for galoshes. This footwear will be very useful in rainy weather. They are worn directly on the shoes themselves and serve as a protection against moisture. Galoshes for men are made in classic colors: gray, black, brown. They fit man’s foot well and repeat the outlines of your shoes. Therefore, few passersby will guess what you are actually wearing on your feet. In addition, you can always put off the galoshes and keep on walking wearing dry shoes.

A good option of footwear for rainy weather is shoes from Dr. Martins. These shoes special sole and orthopedic insoles. “Martinses” are made of thick high-tensile leather. Their distinctive sign is the unchanging yellow line and double seams on them. Such shoes are perfect for those who do not like to change their plans because of the sudden rain.

Another type of rubber shoes for men are “duck boots”. They combine two types of shoes: rubber boots and leather shoes. The products have a rubber sole and a leather boot with lacing. Previously, this footwear was worn exclusively by fishermen and hunters, but today the designers propose to wear them for those who want to look good and stay dry in rainy weather.